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PAWS - SYMPTOM FREE   Stomatitis and Oral Inflammation   2oz. Liquid

PAWS - SYMPTOM FREE Stomatitis and Oral Inflammation 2oz. Liquid



This exciting, tested, formula was designed for animals who suffer with Stomatitis or other challenges creating oral inflammation. (Please read Lola's Story for more information) The bottle comes with a graduated dropper which makes it easy to give the right amount each day (see dosage below).  

Symptom Free is natural, easy, and much healthier formula than receiving the recommended monthly steroid shots for these type chronic illnesses. Formulated from highest quality anti-inflammatories - cold water Omega 3's, turmeric, and vitamins targeting immune system boosters.  A 2 oz. bottle for a typical size cat will last approximately three months.

For best results, supplement should be administered at a double dose for the initial two weeks, and should be given daily thereafter.  It is important that it is absorbed directly into the gums, given by dropper or oral syringe. If your cat won't allow that, mix oil in a small amount of a favorite cat food liquid or gravy. Allowing it to be absorbed into the oral membranes makes it most effective.  RINSE THE DROPPER WELL BEFORE REINSERTING INTO BOTTLE TO AVOID CONTAMINATION.

  • 2 - 5lbs.      .25 ml daily
  • 5 - 9lbs.      .50 ml daily
  • 9 - 14lbs     .75 ml daily
  • 14 - 20lbs. 1.0 ml  daily

Nothing contained herein should be construed as medical advice.  Consult your Veterinarian as needed.

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