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About us

"Necessity...the mother of all invention."  Our family owned business was created around rescue animals with different challenges; the most difficult challenge being my new, two year old, rescue kitty diagnosed with Stomatitis (see 'Lola's Story' above). Determined to find a remedy that would alleviate her symptoms I spent seven months working with everything from her diet to supplements.  And then it happened - Symptom Free!  After developing Symptom Free, we moved on to Cody's Allergies, and Buddy's weakened immune system from FIV.  And then we thought...what about the people who care for these animals, they need some love and attention too!

Each item on this site is a natural, safe, inexpensive way to address chronic problems in hopes of alleviating medications, Dr. visits, even surgeries, for both ourselves and our pets. All of the items offered are products used in our own home, so we're confident you'll love them too.

We welcome feedback on our Blog posts as well as our Facebook page! 

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