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Welcome to Paws and People Natural Remedies! We can't wait to help you!

Paws and People Natural Remedies was created to provide safe, effective, natural products to help remedy chronic challenges for the animals we love and the people who care for them.

This journey first began with Lola, a rescue kitty with Stomatitis - a chronic, painful disease that presents a grim outlook.  However, with creativity and perseverance, a formula was created by her owner and Lola has now been Symptom Free for 4 years!  You can read more by clicking on  'Lola's Story' at the top of this page.

After creating Symptom Free, we realized there was more to do. Other chronic issues our cats and dogs contend with such as itchy skin and allergies, and weakened immune systems that need a boost when damaged by a multitude of challenges.  And let's not forget our perfectly healthy ones that might just enjoy the benefits of better moisturized eyes and skin, producing a silky, shiny coat.

Lastly...what about the pet owners who need to take a bit better care of themselves? We offer some great natural remedies for you as well! Such items amazing essential oil for nerve and joint pain; cold water, purified, high quality, blended Fish Oil along with Vitamins C, D and B12  and Turmeric - all great for eliminating inflammation and good for the brain.  Please visit our 'People' catalog page to see our select items that we believe can be of great benefit.

Be Well...Be Balanced!

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